RTP1 Direto Angola

RTP1 is the first television network of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, the Portuguese public broadcasting corporation. The first television network (treated by many as a station) ever launched in Portugal, RTP1 was launched in 1957 as RTP (and today it is still sometimes marketed as such), and also having a brief period while it was known and marketed as Canal 1 (Channel 1). It is one of the most watched television networks in the country. The network became a 24-hours service in 2002.
RTP1 has a generalist programming, composed mainly of news and talk shows, sports, factual, national and international fiction, such as films and TV series. Unlike sister channel RTP2, RTP1 broadcasts commercial advertising, which, along with government grants, finances the network.

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RTP1 Direto Angola
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