Canal El Trece en vivo

El Trece En vivo (The Thirteen, officially translated Channel 13) is an Argentine television network and the flagship station of the same network, located in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Channel 13 was founded on October 1, 1960. Began issuing that day at 20:30.1 The channel was tendered to the company Rio de la Plata SA TV, made by Cuban Goar Mestre, the U.S. network CBS and Time-Life company. In the mid-1960s, Editorial Atlantida and Mestre's wife bought the shares of the channel. Since then, the channel began to compete strongly with the other two open private channels (Canal 9 and Telefe) in the city of Buenos Aires, which had gone through a similar process. In those years there were great successes of television in Argentina, as Seeing Biondi, comedy show centered on characters from Pepe Biondi, the Falcon family, with Peter Quartucci, nut, sketch comedy show, like the great success "Telecataplum", featuring an innovative group of comedians like Richard Espalter, Uruguayan Enrique Almada and Gabriela Acher, among others.

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Canal El Trece en vivo
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